Questions & Answers


Q: Do your scones freeze well?

Indeed they do!  Please have a look at our advice.

Q: Do you make your gluten free scones in a gluten free kitchen?

Our kitchen is not a certified gluten-free facility. That said, when we make our GF scones, we start with an extra clean kitchen, and do not have any other scones being made at the same time.  This means the exposure to cross contamination should be the same as any kitchen at home where GF cooking and non-GF cooking are performed.     

Q: Do you have a list of allergens ? 

Yes, on our flavour listing page, here.

Q: I am a business owner of a cafe, catering business, restaurant, bakery or grocery. Do you offer wholesale products?

Yes, please contact us for details.

Q: Where are your retail locations?

We sell at many Ottawa area Farmer's Markets.  We also have a few coffee shops and specialty grocery stores that sell our products (good for buying a few scones, rather than a dozen) 

Q: I misplaced the recipe for 'Make-you-own' Scone Mix.  Where can I find it? 

You can download a copy here


Q: How does the Friday local delivery work, and when will my order arrive? 

Read all about delivery here.

Q: Can you supply my large event with scones? And it’s not on a Friday.  

Yes, please contact us directly for such orders.

Q: I need to speak to someone about my order

Please submit an "Order Inquiry" on this page, including your Order #. Someone will be in touch within a day during weekdays.

Q: When I try to check out, it gives me a message saying my address is "not available for delivery".  Is this actually true?

In fact, it may be an incorrect message. Please ensure that you:

  • are using classic names for Ottawa regional cities (Nepean, Kanata, etc.), if applicable. Tip: use the automatic address filler, if prompted.
  • are within 35km of Terry Fox Drive and Campeau Rd in Kanata.
  • have spent at least $24 on food products (6 scones)

If all of those are true and you are still getting the error message, then please submit an "Order Inquiry" on this page and we will help to resolve it.