Orleans Delivery Instructions

The underlying Shopify website has challenges to deliver to Orleans so it's necessary to spoof the system.  Here's are the steps:

  1. Customer goes into their RS account and creates two addresses.
  2. The first address (#1) will be their real Orleans address
  3. The second address (#2) will be a fake Orleans address and will be exactly as follows:  16-1439 Youville Drive, Ottawa ON, K1C 4M8
  4. Customer proceeds as normal to select the items they want and put in their shopping cart.
  5. At checkout, rather than selecting their real address, they select the fake address (#2) for delivery, and proceed to pay.

Once completed, the Rocket Scone admin will edit the order and put the correct address (#1) in the order.  (Note: This *may* involve cancelling the initial order and creating a new one with the correct address, so the customer should not be alarmed if they see a cancellation in their email as it will be followed up by the correct order.)

For any questions, please send an email to info@rocketscone.com