Rocket Scone Mix

Missing our scones? Want to have them whenever you want, wherever you want and hot from the oven? Well now you can! We’re offering brave scone baking pioneers the opportunity to give it a go, and then let us know if you were able to achieve that buttery, flaky texture you’ve come to know and love - even on your very first try!

If everything goes to plan, you’ll create a dozen scones to enjoy and share! Tag us in your pics of your creations and let us know how you did. Have questions? We’ll answer them and offer tips of our own on Facebook and Instagram. Your input will help us ensure that our mix is as easy to mix as it is to enjoy - so don’t forget to share.

All proceeds from our scone mix purchased in 2020 will be donated to local food banks and shelters where assistance is in need while we face this pandemic together.